Telegraph Health Center maintains the highest standards in medical cannabis procurement.

Telegraph Health Center works closely with cultivators, processors and distributors in compliance with California SB 420 and Proposition 215 to bring our patients the best medical cannabis products. All vendors dispensing medical cannabis flowers, concentrates and infused products must be patient members of our collective.

Vendors are encouraged to provide current test results for any and all products brought into Telegraph Health Center.

Purchases are made based on patient need and existing stock. First-time vendors are encouraged to learn what is desired by contacting Telegraph Health’s buyer in advance by email at or by phone at +1 (510) 808-5121. If we decline an offer, do stay in touch. Many of our current vendors come back a number of times before we begin carrying their products.

In the midst of a rapidly evolving industry Telegraph Health strives to cultivate lasting relationships with established and emerging vendors and brands.

Additions to these lines are being considered for Q3 2016.

Flower Submissions

Donation price is calculated by gram.

Medicinal value of flower is assigned following an assessment of cultivation method, bud size, trim, cure, potency and overall quality.

Telegraph Health Center accepts medical cannabis of all grades as determined by donation price. For the best donation price, vendors should present the highest grade of material (i.e. grade out the shake and smalls).

Telegraph Health’s online menu reflects current stock on hand. There is always a need for new, exotic and unique strains and products.


Concentrate Submissions

Telegraph Health Center requires a minimum 50g for standard medical cannabis concentrate material of any type (solvent concentrates, hash, cold water hash, etc), and 30g for boutique material of exceptionally high quality.

Solvent concentrate producers are highly encouraged to have Residual Solvent Analysis (RSA) testing completed prior to submitting product.

Branding material must meet Telegraph Health Center marketing standards, i.e. no offensive names or imagery.

Infused Product Submissions

All edibles, topicals and tinctures must arrive for consideration shelf-ready and meet all standards for medical cannabis infused product labeling and packaging for the state of California.

Vending Hours

12:00 PM to 5:00 PM Sunday – Thursday
New vendors are welcome during these hours.

Vending Contact

+1 (510) 808-5121